I am Shilpa. A homebaker based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Originally from Hyderabad, India, I had moved to KL in December 2015. I was a Pharma Marketing professional until then. So being cooped up at home all day drove me crazy. That’s when I decided to pursue my passion for cooking and baking.

Now here’s some background as to how baking took me over.

I have always been interested in cakes. Even as a kid, I used to love to watch and help out my parents and aunts in our family’s New Year tradition where entire family would gather to play games, bake cake and celebrate. Either the youngest or the oldest would get to cut it at 12. But it was always a simple Vanilla sponge or Plum cake. No frosting of any kind. Till date that’s my most favourite kind.

There’s nothing that can match a warm slice cut from a fresh-out-of-oven cake. Slowly as I grew into teens I got curious about how bakeries would make that yummy cream and jelly and those big roses that we would fight over to smash it on friend’s face or glob it up whole. As I got into college and while working, i would bake simple cakes for friends birthdays as a gift and make a simple buttercream to write their name and wishes on top.

So BAM into 2016, thanks to Youtube and sibling, cousins & friends with similar interests I became aware of how to make different kinds of fillings and frostings. I would experiment all of them at home and gradually came upto a level where I gathered confidence to bake and frost a proper cake for a friend’s birthday. It was a success. From there I went on to take orders for cakes for neighbours kids birthdays and anniversaries and thats how OCCAKESION was born.


I am proud of my progress and still have a lots to learn. A big thanks to Whatsapp which was and is still my main stream of advertising and dealing. I put in my heart and soul when I bake and decorate for a client. All the stress vanishes when I see that smile of satisfaction on client’s face while handing over the cake and I am over the cloud when I get wow feedbacks.

So when you want a cake baked for YOU or your loved ones, one that’s made with love and care, you know where to knock. 🙂