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Monogram Cakes

“Old is gold” is a saying that keeps proving to be right in almost every trend setting industry.  Pastry and cakes included.

Remember the cakes in our childhood when our parents would get a cake in shape of a number of our age or that of the first alphabet of our name!!! Of course you do! It used to be one of the coolest kind of all. Well Monogram cakes are just that in a new avatar.

Monogram cakes are usually 2-3 layers of soft sponge cake  filled with desired flavour frosting with the top layer being finished off with assorted toppers like mini chocolate bars, nuggets, macarons, meringue cookies, chocolate spheres, berries, fresh fruits and sometimes also fresh/sugar flowers. And as the name suggests they are usually monochromatic in their color scheme.

Other variations of the version include base being made of tart crust or even pavlovas which are paired with different kinds of frostings right from  simple whipped cream to American/Italian/ Swiss Meringue buttercream. Most preferred of all being Swiss Meringue Buttercream or SMBC for short. The reason being it is one of the creamiest yet shape holding and weight withstanding frosting so the filling that is piped as kisses hold shape as it is being layered on and is clearly visible especially in case of rustic look cakes where it is not frosted on the sides completely.

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

These cakes are usually presented on a calming and soothing shades yet those which will brighten up your day. A perfect classy presentation with a perfect combination of colors, texture and flavour and most importantly personalisation.

So next time you want to treat someone to a timeless memory, then just knock on Occakesion website!

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